Apr. 18th, 2010

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.. I would have had one episode of liver pain already, and would be headed to the hospital tomorrow. Instead, I get an enormous belly, and my previously comfortable bed has become hard and not-sleep-promoting. I am Very Happy with the trade. Still not out of the woods, as if HELLP happens again it's usually later and more mild than the first time, but this Wednesday I'm going to be more pregnant than I've ever been before. Perhaps I'll make a cake :)

Also, yesterday J and I went to a Birthing Again class run by the same people that did the Birthing From Within class J and I took (half of) the first time. It was marvelous, and definitely worth taking. We managed to meaningfully talk about our first births without having everyone rehash every little detail, talk about the next birth (and dust off pain coping techniques and positions), talk about sibling preparation, eat, and spend time reconnecting with our partners, all in about six hours. Nothing seemed rushed, and everything seemed to be exactly appropriate to what the group needed. We even did art! Really, I can't say too many good things about Dancing Star Birth.
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How we spent our Friday.

It was my plan to spend the afternoon doing non-kid stuff, as my mom usually takes Josh for most of Friday, but since she was taking him for Saturday too so J and I could go to a birthing class, it seemed a little much. Thus, we all went to the beach.

I've got a lot of fond memories of this beach. My brothers and I spent hours playing in the sand, and waiting for the tide to be just right so we could dig sand fortresses to keep back the tide. We never managed to build one that could withstand the pull of the moon, but we certainly did a lot of trying.


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