Jun. 29th, 2005 09:24 am
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I've been thinking for quite a while about embellishing my lower back. I've had and rejected any number of ideas, and now I think I have a good one.

A frog, floating at the base of my spine as if I were a pool of water.

Why a frog?

- Frogs are amphibians. They exist at the point between air and water, and thus are very susceptible to death-by-pollution and global warming. The health of the amphibians is a good quality indicator for the health of an ecosystem.

- I love the sound of singing frogs. It clears my head, and encourages me to sit and just be for a bit.

- Frogs eat bugs, which are inherently cool.. it's like frogs are MADE of bugs. Maybe my frog will have a bug. Furthermore, frogs eat mosquitos and biting flies.. I think these creatures have every right to exist, but I hate it when they bite me. These are among the few creatures I'll kill when I see.. the few I'm able to kill really have no effect on the overall viability of the species in the area, and makes a large difference to my degree of intolerable itchiness.

- Mowgli's wolf family always called him 'little frog'. I spent a great many summers in trees and barefoot being Mowgli (the NON-DISNEY version!! *scowl*). I never got up the courage to be as naked as Mowgli was when I was younger, but I've since discovered that I love the feel of sun on my skin, and drying off in the sun after a naked pond-swim is The Best!!

- I've always pictured my proto-children as little clustered frog-eggs, that will some day grow into amphibians, then frog-like mammals, then people.

- Frog is a fun word to say. It starts fricative, and ends guttural.. I find it impossible to say quickly. The words around 'frog' are fast, but the phrase always slows down when 'frog' is introduced.

- I sometimes have difficulty expressing myself. I read once that it's due to having a closed throat chakra.. not sure if I believe in chakras. Anyways, sometimes it feels like there's a blockage between my mind and my mouth, kind of like a frog in my throat. Maybe having a physical representation of a frog on my body will remind me to slow down, and think about how to say what I mean to say in the clearest way possible.

So! What remains is to look at a multitude of frog representations, and pick one. And then, to find someone that I trust to permanently ink it onto my back.


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