Nov. 22nd, 2010

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I read your posts, my lj peeps, but I'm not commenting much.

Josh woke up with the barfies this morning, so he's happily wrapped up in blankets downstairs watching movies. He's such a TV junkie - we limit it to a movie every 2-3 days, but every morning he begs for "just one Pingu show, please mama please?" The stuff he watches is generally innocuous, and doesn't make him badger me to buy him things, but the time he spends in front of the shiny box is time he's not spending practicing how to amuse himself. Too much TV leads to not being able to self-amuse, and thus a life of boredom, I think. The most interesting people I know are the ones that do elaborate things in the name of self-amusery, and I'd like it if Josh grew up to be an interesting person :)

Ella and I spent yesterday noodling about Commercial Drive. I bought some wool tights so I can wear them with skirts and my humongous winter boots. I've been really enjoying my amauti - it's the most amazingly functional piece of baby equipment in weather like this. I can have Ella on my front, back, or hip. I can feed her in it, if she'll let me (prefers to lie in bed). I can have one arm out, or have the whole thing around my waist if I'm too hot. I can have the top layer on if it's really cold, or just the wool and liner if it's fallish/springish. I expect to get a lot of use out of it this winter :)

Ella and I also went to the MAKE craft fair, and I saw lots of beautiful things that I can't currently buy for myself. Oh well - poverty leads to creativity, if also threadbareness.

That's the state of the me. My muse has been tapping me on the shoulder for about a week, now, and telling me we should make something together. I got started last week, by hauling out all my fabric, but that took all the time I had (and now my office is a mess). I've got a few ideas knocking around in my head, but haven't yet had the space to air them out. I love my muse - hopefully she'll hang around until time/space permits us to stretch our crafty legs.


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