Sep. 26th, 2009 12:41 pm
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Hi, all you knitting fiends.

I'm looking for a book that will inspire me to learn to actually knit something. A book with pretty pictures, and easy-but-quirky patterns. I've been taught the whole knit-and-perl thing a few times, and can probably dig it out of the old brain-basket if necessary, and can probably utilize my google-foo to learn how to read a pattern. I know that I can find lots of free patterns and pretty pictures online, but I like the retro niceness of having an actual book that I can hold in my hand and fondle. It feels silly, but I really like glossy pictures and pages to turn; I suppose that's why the book industry has little to fear from Teh Interwebz.

I went to Maiwa yesterday, and was inspired by their yarn and dyeing supplies, and saw a book that was close to what I was looking for. It was more a meditation on knitting and community than easy-but-funky knitting ideas, but the few patterns it had were great. I know that there must be a ton of books out there that would work - Filter for me, oh queens of knittery?
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Hello to you artsy-types, especially [ profile] edableme and [ profile] misselaineeous!

With a baby sleeping in my bed, I can only bring the covers up to under my arm. This leads to Cold Shoulders and One Cold Arm. I've been using a separate blanket, but last night I borrowed a sweatshirt from J and this is The Perfect Solution!

I refuse to pay full price for clothing when I don't have to, so I went to Value Village today and got some decent sweatshirts. The problem: One of them says NIKE in raised letters across the chest. I am not a logo girl AT ALL, but it is in great shape, seems well made, and has orange accents.. I couldn't say no.

I want to alter the logo. My first idea was to make it say kNIKErs, but that isn't spelled right. Any ideas about what to do, or how to do it? I have an Old Navy one and some plain ones, too, that could use some alteration, but the one that really offends me is the Nike.



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