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I am HOME!! and mostly alive. Delhi gave me a parting kiss, and last night I got horribly sick and ejected all the evidence that I was alive for the past few days from my body. I needed to stop the car and puke twice on the way home from J's parents place! Luckily it didn't really go hardcore until after I got off the plane.

So, welcome home to me! I have been soundly purred by both cats, who are Very Happy to see us, watered the plants, and visited a little with my garden. And slept. A lot.

India was great, but I'm so glad to be home!


Apr. 3rd, 2006 10:15 pm
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This transmision is coming to you LIVE, from the lone internet-box in the Gold Regency Hotel in Paraganj, Delhi! J and I arrived at about 1am, Delhi time, which is early afternoon, hometime. Let me be very clear: I do not recommend a 24 hour flight to anyone, unless you are flying with an airline that does video-on-demand from a console implanted into the back of the seat of the person in front of you. This innovation in time-shrinkage helps you to forget that you're sitting uncomfortably straight and breathing recycled air for hours at a time.. at least, until you run out of good movies and start watching old episodes of 'Friends'. Actually, even in this case I still don't recommend a 24 hour flight unless it's for a good reason like GOING TO INDIA!!

So! We arrived, and were met by a fine gentleman from the hotel, who arranged for an elderly Sikh man to drive us to the hotel. You might think that this older fellow would drive in a calm, sedate manner, instead of swerving in and out of traffic, inches away from other cars, and warbling along to the Hindi pop on the radio.. and you'd be wrong. Still, there were no accidents, and we arrived sound in body if not in mind. 30 hours on the go gives one's brain the processing power of wet toast.

The wet toast was still completely apparent the next morning when we staggered out of our room to poke about. We were quickly picked up by what I can only assume was a succession of 3-4 men, all intent on getting us to a specific tour company. The last one finally succeeded, by (i'm pretty sure) lying to us about how train tickets are sold and hiring us a autorickshaw to the office. It's awful to assume that anyone that's nice to us either wants money or is selling something, but this is how my addled brain has reconstructed the events that got us into the office. But all in all, I think it will be ok. For perhaps $100 US over what it would have cost us to arrange it for ourselves (and with a lot less hassle, phone calls, and planning) we're going to a wildlife park south of Jaipur for 2 nights, Agra (Taj Mahal) for a night, and up to Haridwar. We have a car and driver, and everything except food and entrance fees is covered. Our toast-brains can relax and be taken care of while we acclimatize to the heat, bustle, and food here. It wouldn't have been something that we would have chosen by ourselves, perhaps, but I think it will be good.

Included in this package was also a driving tour of some famous Delhi sights. We saw a bunch of fantastic things that I can't remember the names of, but rest assured that your trip to Delhi is not complete without them. Having seen something nicknamed the "Mini Taj Mahal", I do not think our trip to see the real thing will be at all over-hyped.

So! Am having a fabulous time. My brain is becoming less toast-like by the hour. It's about 10 pm here, and I'm heading to bed. Our driver is going to meet us tomorrow morning at 8.. and by that time, I think I'll be on Delhi-time.


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