Josh home!

Jun. 20th, 2007 01:29 pm
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Josh is home! We were discharged from the hospital on Monday, after spending the weekend there to make sure he gained weight while I was feeding him and that he didn't need the nose tube at all.

Busy. Tired. All is well.. in fact: all is GREAT!!

Josh is..

Jun. 1st, 2007 11:11 am
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3.93 pounds!!

The nurse last night said that he might be out of the isolette today, since this is only 15 grams short of the magic 1800 (about 4 pounds). Depends on what the doctor says. I'll find out at noon!

He is also eating every 3 hours, instead of every 2. This means that he is quite a bit closer to coming home! All he needs to do now is fit in a carseat and learn to eat, which requires either that he starts to love the bottle (now, not so much, but they only tried once!), or that he gets big enough to effectively take more food directly from The Source (is now getting a little, but not enough).

Maybe 2 weeks, maybe 3! His due date is in 3.5 weeks, and that's the date by which they usually tell parents to expect their babies to come home.

Yay Josh! Eat, baby, eat!
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Three weeks ago our nameless baby was tiny, scrawny, and yellow under the blue of the biliruben lights. He was hooked up to all kinds of machines I didn't really understand. I saw him for the first time (except for five minutes from the hospital bed, and distantly from the operating room) on Sunday or Monday night, and he seemed impossibly small and fragile. That night was the second time I completely broke down.. I had also just worked through the rest of the medication left from the epidural, and the horrible gut-wrenching sobbing that I really needed to let out hurt too much to fully release. J held me, and cried with me, and we managed. What an amazing man I married.

I wanted to remember how awful that was, and how fragile a family we seemed. It seems like such a long time ago. Josh is getting fatter (2.97 pounds!), and looks like a healthy little baby. I'm used to holding him, and I'm learning what soothes him when he's feeling fractious. We're learning how to work with each other so he can eat.

And best of all, I know that he'll be ok, and will be coming home eventually. I can envision him at six months, or a year, or four years. I can project a life as a family into the future, and see us all happy and well. I think that this means that I've stopped living day to day, and can actually start figuring out what normal will be. What a marvelous feeling!

(and a webcomic: <>)


May. 16th, 2007 10:42 am
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(that's up from 2.4, birthweight, and a low of 2.2 a few days after birth)


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