Jun. 4th, 2010 09:53 am
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This morning, Josh declared that his poo looked like an elephant (efalent). As he was flushing it, he spoke for the poor thing, "Oh, no, I'm being flushed to the sewer!! Help me!!".

He asks lots of questions now, which is usually fun. When I'm done with answering the same thing different ways 5-6 times in a row, I start responding, "It's a mystery!". He comes up with all kinds of interesting things when I ask him, "Well, what do YOU think it is?".

He also has been making stories for things, and doing a lot of pretend. Mostly it has to do with Wallace wearing the Wrong Trousers, but we also 'Go to Bamfield' on a fairly regular basis and he comes up with random other things. My main problem, I think, with Josh-as-a-baby was loneliness. He's becoming decent company, so I'm hoping that will help with the fall.. it's always the hardest time of year for me.
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I dyed some eggs yesterday - purple cabbage worked the best. Turmeric was ok, and paprika and beets were very light.

We hid the eggs (and some little non-crappy foil ones) this morning and waited for Josh to get up. Once he came downstairs, I explained the concept of "The Easter Bunny Game" to him, more or less.

Josh labeled them "Sneaky Eggs", and also told us that WE were sneaky. J said, "And don't you forget it!".

I felt the need to also hide a sprouting potato - in my defense, it was egg shaped. Josh first looked under it, found no eggs, and then about 5 minutes later found it again and triumphantly put it in his basket. Ugliest egg EvAr!

10 small foil eggs in 20 minutes isn't that bad, as sugar-highs go. I'm glad I limited my chocolate buying, even though I was tempted to get Josh one of those awful half-wax chocolate bunnies (mostly for the sake of nostalgia).
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I'z a little tiny fish,
I'z a little tiny fish,
I'z a little tiny fish,
Doo doo doot, doo
Doo doo doot, doo
Ntz ntz ntz ntz ntz (techno electronica beat noise, ie, what you hear from someone on the bus that's listening to techno on their earbuds)

(continue, with random changes from line to line)
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"I'm coughing on my arm so my brain doesn't fall out when I splash in the sink with the tadpoles."

Umm, yeah. Good idea. Keep it up

(and WOW, what a change from entire sentences composed of the word, "THIS!". Wow. It really hasn't been that long.)
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"Chair, chair, chair, what you doing, chair? You drinking some chair-beer?"


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