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After all my drama on Friday, I felt a little better and got a good sleep Friday night. Good thing, because I had a day of constant braxton-hicks (still ignorable), and then, once I decided to get into bed, I got some contractions that were hard enough that I couldn't sleep through them. After having a bath, and calling birth-support people to let them know what was going on, I continued on that evening mostly in the dark by myself. I'd have a contraction, breathing while leaning on the table, and then quickly lie down on the couch to sleep for a couple of minutes. My doula arrived, and went to sleep in the spare room, and I woke J up at about 2 or 3 when I didn't want to be alone any more. Josh's grandma came, in case we needed to rush to the hospital, and they were up and down for the last half of the night. I actually felt a little rested by 7 the next morning.

At 10, our midwife came to check me out. Not much progress, so she recommended that we all get some sleep. Our doula (the incomparable [ profile] morag_gunn) went home to nap in preparation for a probable long night, and Josh went to play with friends. Things tapered off while I watched a movie, and I was actually able to sleep some. Midwife came back at 6 to see what was happening, and decided that we should go in to the hospital for a non-stress test to see how baby was coping, and depending on what my body was doing at that point I'd stay or go home.

My water broke in admitting - I told J, "I'm losing... something.". We made our way upstairs, and I got hooked up to the machines. I was really uncomfortable, and the midwife said that if I didn't stay still the strip would pick up my heartrate instead of baby's, which would look like decelerations during a contraction, which would get me a c-section within about 20 minutes. I'm still mad about that - she felt like she had to terrify me in order to keep me still. Somewhere during the NST I went from early labour to active labour - things got more intense. MW checked my cervix, and declared it to be at 4 cm dilation. I was walked towards my room, and had another contraction with an unmistakable urge to push. I knew I shouldn't, but stopping was kind of like a serious attempt to not have diarrhea. Everyone noticed once I got to the room, and also tried to get me to stop. Yeah, right. Another check, and I was at 8 cm. Somewhere in the middle of all this I was wondering if another c-section would really be that bad..!

Eventually I was declared to be 'complete", which meant that I could actually participate in the pushing instead of the ridiculous process of trying to stop a freight train by blowing at it. Pushing hurt, but everything hurt so I tried to pay attention to the feeling of a baby's head moving down inside my body, and then slowly out, and the feeling of a wet little body sliding after.

I looked down on to the bed between my legs and saw a little girl. Unexpected - we'd wanted a girl, but I wanted so hard not to be disappointed with a boy (as if I would!) that I prepared myself thoroughly to be forever outnumbered (gender-wise) in this family. Seeing her strange lack of penis was a little odd :)

The placenta is much easier to birth than the baby. No bones :)

She'd pooped a lot while being born, so a pediatrician was there to check out her lungs. Instead of having her on my belly right away, and having a leisurely cord-cutting once the placenta had transferred most of the rest of the blood back to where it belonged, she was snipped right away and brought over to a warmer to be checked. Everything was fine, but there's no reason as far as I know that it couldn't have been done on my chest.

After everyone was done marveling at her magnificence, they brought her back to me where we snuggled skin to skin for as long as we could. Eventually, she was weighed at 5 lbs, 15 oz. Tiny!

Some small stitches, and I was good to go!

Hospital overnight, home now, and learning how to be a family of four. Josh is sick, poor guy, which is good news because I thought his lack of eating and general listlessness was brokenhearted agony at having to share HIS parents. Luckily for my sense of guilt, he threw up in J's office after dinner :)

We had brownies and strawberries for dessert tonight, with candles, sparklers on the back patio, and a big brother present for Josh. Happy birthday, baby. I hope we decide on a name soon.
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