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I've been taking leaves for mulching from the local park, where they've been blown together in huge drifts. I get strange looks from passers-by as I pack big yard-waste bags full; perhaps they think I'm taking them home to leave them by the curb?

In other news, I (finally) got my garden plan. It's not quite as detailed as I had hoped, but I like the overall look and feel. Having some bones in my head to base the rest of my plan around has been marvelous.. I feel like I can get started again instead of being stuck in an endless welter of possibilities. I can picture the finished product, and I like what I see. If anyone wants a garden planner with a permaculture bent, I'd recommend this guy, though with the caveat that you give him a firm date by which you need to have plan-in-hand.

Mulching is going well, though I keep running out of materials. I hope to have a sunny morning this weekend so I can get some more work done.
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Our lawn is a riot of dandelions. When the first one came out, I was so pleased at this sign of spring that I went up and petted its little furry flower, and welcomed it to the world. It stayed, and brought friends.

[ profile] barry_macneil has been out picking dandelion flowers whenever he can for a while now, to avoid the seeds spreading, bit they keep sending up more and more flowers.

I have a solution! It's not going to rid the lawn of dandelions, but at least a few will never be seeds, and we may look at the remaining flowers with hunger, not loathing.

Dandelion Fritters

Pick a bunch of dandelion flowers, flowerheads only.
Mix 1 egg and 1 cup of milk, and then mix in 1 c flour.
Dip flowers in batter, fry in oil (at least 1 cm deep) flower-side down until browned then stem-side.
Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

They're really good! The flowers have a little bit of sweetness to them, and besides, almost anything fried in batter is good. Another option is to just take the dandelion petals and put them in regular pancake batter.

I found the recipe here: <>, after reading in my current-most-favourite gardening book about the joys of dandelions.


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