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Since Josh was about 2 months old, we've been holding him over a container of some sort (sink, bathtub, toilet, bucket, rosebush, etc) so he could put his body waste somewhere other than right next to his skin. All in all, I'd do it again. It's been a longer process than I originally envisioned; I started out thinking that I was going to have a potty-trained 8 month old (and learned that I don't actually WANT a potty-trained 8 month old because they pee All The Time), and now I have an almost potty-trained 22 month old.

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To see the video scroll down and look under "Health", "Diaper-Free Movement gains ground.


(also has a video)

We're doing ok with it. I'll spend some time when we're at home having a quiet day, and then (but not generally) I'll catch most of Josh's pees. I catch most of his poops, as long as we're at home and it's relatively quiet. I change his diaper when it's wet during the day, though if I'm feeling tired and don't want to deal with it, I put a diaper cover on him. The cover keeps his clothes dry and his pee warm so it's less uncomfortable. Josh fusses when he's wet, and (sometimes) when he has to pee/poop. Sometimes I know he has to pee, but I'm busy so I let him go in his diaper. So far, I've had a few moments where I wish I'd never heard of Elimination Communication, but that's usually due to tiredness and it passes quickly. More often I enjoy having this kind of communication with Josh, especially when I see that he waited for me to get him into the right position before peeing, when I see how much he enjoys peeing outside his diaper (grinning, kicking his feet), and when I see that he actively pushes the pee out! I also love being able to know that certain times are 'safe', and that he's not going to pee on me. Babies are smart.


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