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Sometimes I can't wait for Josh to sleep all night in his own bed. He usually gets up at about 2 or 3 from his room, and comes into our bed. Sometimes he's awake enough to want to nurse, and I have to tell him (again) that he can when the sun comes up. Often he goes right back to sleep, and sometimes he stays awake for hours, rolling around and asking again and again for some "sleepy nei-nei". He'll lie sideways, kicking me or J. He'll sometimes flip around so his feet are at the head of the bed. He'll alternately kick off the covers (thus pulling off our covers too), and ask for the covers to be returned to him. When he comes to bed, I have to move Ella over to the bumpered edge, so that he can sleep between me and J and not crush (or wake) her in his rollings. We all sleep better when he's not in bed with us.

But. When he does sleep through in his own bed, and come to see us once the sun is well up, I miss him. Though he's sometimes infuriatingly wakeful in the middle of the night, I miss his sleepy breathing and his sweet morning smile. I miss snuggling his sleepy body, which was so little and now seems so big. And on mornings when he's slept in his own bed, I realize that I'm happy to have him sleeping with us as long as he wants to.

And I read things like this(beware music), and cry, because I think about how sweet it all is, and how quickly it will be over. I wish I could enjoy it all fully and completely, every moment, because once I no longer have little kids I'll miss it so dreadfully.
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Kids are people too. Really.

(pokes self) REMEMBER. Especially on days that Josh has been up Every Hour since 3am. He was hungry. I chose not to get us both up to feed him some actual food instead of the convenient (but scant) boob-food. Developmentally appropriate, not grounds for strangling. Really.
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Interesting documentary on helicopter-parenting. If you don't want to watch the whole 45 minutes, here's an overview. And a nice reactionary sort of blog that I follow.

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Over the past year I've thought and thought and thought about nightweaning, but being pregnant has really brought matters to a head. In this last week, with Josh in his Big Boy Bed (BBB) for part of the night, my sleep gets really disturbed, not when he crawls in with us, but when he then nurses for EVER and then wakes up more often to nurse than he did pre-BBB. I think that sleeping in two places makes him a more restless sleeper, but he's been taking longer naps in the past little while, so it all evens out.

I was worried that Josh would cry for hours, and that he wouldn't get the idea for weeks. I was worried that I'd have to stop cosleeping, or stop nursing to sleep, two things that I enjoy and work well for us all. I was worried that I'd have to do it over again if I started before he had all his teeth.

I talked to a bunch of people that have successfully nightweaned, and they all agreed that it was great, and relatively easy after two nights. Two of them still nurse to sleep and cosleep, and the others have older kids. Everyone started earlier than I did with Josh, though not earlier than 18 or 20 months. During nightweaning they held their toddlers, sang, and were there for them them as they cried, and everyone got terrible sleep but it was only for a few days before things settled out.

I was prepared for that. What I wasn't really prepared for was, after spending the day reminding him every so often what was happening, for him to basically just accept it the first night, roll over, and go back to sleep. No crying. No stress. I told him, "'Nei-neis' are sleeping, you can have 'nei-nei' when the sun comes up or when Turtle Light" (on a timer) "comes on." He woke up a few times that first night, and a few times last night, and I expect it will be a few times tonight, but it really wasn't a big deal.

It might have been easy because I'm pregnant, and there hasn't been much there for him anyway, or maybe because I nursed him (almost) whenever he wanted for 2.5 years so now he's willing to move on. Or maybe he's just an easygoing guy. Whatever the reason, I'm pretty happy with the results!
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Being a parent is the hardest thing I've ever done. Harder than grade 7 and Jr. High, harder than moving from the only home I'd ever known to Vancouver (I was 7, and it was awful. I spent a year punishing my parents by being miserable.), and harder than growing up with two brilliant and endlessly witty brothers. I can understand why there are people that choose not to have children; among other reasons, the dual-income-no-kids category allows for more toys, travel, and definitely more quality time with your partner. The environmental cost of a child born in this meat-loving car-driving part of the world is immense.
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